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Motorcycle Inner Tube Valve Types

The larger one which actually fits an 113 mm hole in the wheel is by far the most common size.

Motorcycle inner tube valve types. Metal valve stem wlocking nuts can be either center or side valve check description ie. Reused an old tubethey always give up at the least opportune moment. B6 the b6 bushing is a plastic ring that is included with some tr13 valve tubes to allow them be used in a rim that normally takes a tr15 valve 0625 inches. Its used by all the japanese manufacturers and harley davidson.

Center mounted 90 degree metal stem. Each will have either a metal plate or a washer at the stem base to keep the tube from protruding up through the stem slot of the wheel. A thin inner tube is approximately 15mm to 175mm thick. There are two types.

The weight of a thin 110 90 19 inner tube. And a super heavy duty tube is 35mm to 5mm thick. 8 mm and 10 mm. Rubber valve stem no lock nuts tapered base can be either center or side valve check description ie.

In this video we discuss the various types of tubes valve. Compared to the cost of tires themselves inner tubes for motorcycle tires cost only pennies on the dollar. Presta valve inner tubes are available from a range of makers with valve lengths up to 80mm. Always use fresh quality motorcycle inner tubes and keep a spare set on hand if you ride off road.

Carrying spares is. Tube valve stem styles. The ch3 is a core housing that is included with some tubes featuring tr218 or tr220 valves and extends the valve by81 inches. Tube stems sizing.

Tr440 tr441 tr442 tr443 tr444 tr445 tube valve stem each is a high pressure metal stem for split ring medium. Inner tubes are simple but essential unless youre riding with tubeless tyres youll always need an inner tube. Set of 2 11090 65 11050 65 inner tube with tr87 angled valve stem replacement for 47cc 49cc 50cc mini quad pocket bikes dirt bike. A heavy duty tube is around 2mm to 3mm thick.

The smaller size actually an 83 mm opening is used by some bmws and buells and aftermarket wheels. Inner tubes are normally made of butyl rubber or latex they sit inside your tyre and are inflated with a pump they sometimes puncture but are easily replaced.